Memphis Black Restaurant Week

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This national publication feature in Black Enterprise led to many other features and opportunities for Cynthia Daniels.


Source: Black Enterprise

Published: 2017

What if you lost a job you loved? Well, Cynthia Daniels, chief event strategist and rising media mogul, is no stranger to this. In fact, she turned a stressful situation into a successful venture.

In 2008, Daniels was given the pink slip and was forced to abandon one of her fondest passions: recruiting talented mentors to serve at-risk youth. It was an emotional loss, to say the least.

And when you’re an educated professional standing tall with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree who can’t find another job after a year of searching, you can either become bitter or better.

Daniels chose the latter. She left her home in Atlanta and started a new path in Memphis, walking a road that led to some of her greatest professional victories. She became president of the Memphis Urban League Young Professionals, helping small businesses gain visibility as a social media manager.

She then launched Memphis Black Restaurant Week—an initiative that generated over $80,000 of profits for local businesses in one week.

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Client: Memphis

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