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Event Agenda

I. Welcome

II. Speaker Evaluations: 2-3 Participants Will Deliver Pitch and Receive Immediate Feedback

III. Interviewers Share Secrets to Get What You Want

Meet the Judges

Deecha Draw

Deecha Draw is a professional speaker and trainer with over 10 years experience leading diverse teams in the government sector. She’s also the Founder of Urbane Jungle LLC – a design firm that creates artistic apparel for all audiences.

Dwayne Jackson

Dwayne Jackson is a Freedom Strategist, Real Estate Investor, and Author of the book series Shut Up and Hustle. He is an international speaking champion who has competed with the best speakers from around the world.

Charlene Rhinehart

Charlene Rhinehart is an Executive Coach and Managing Director of CEO Unlimited LLC – a communications firm based in Chicago. She has won international speech contests and helped leaders get featured in publications all over the web including The Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, and BlackDoctor.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the virtual event be recorded in case I can’t attend?

No, the sessions will take place every Thursday. Register to be a participant or speaker at our next event!

How much does the event cost?

Please reference the registration link above to join the event. Donations will be accepted to pay for the costs associated with hiring others to put this event together. We are on a mission to help others become better communicators and tap into their personal power. We appreciate your assistance to make that happen.

Will I have to give a speech if I participate?

No. Everyone who participates will not have to give a speech or “pitch”. However, you should be prepared to introduce yourself so you can get comfortable making introductions in a virtual environment.

What will I learn from this event?

You will have the opportunity to watch others pitch ideas and take notes from the feedback that is delivered. You’ll also gain useful tips to help you get what you want and make the most of your time during virtual meetings.

What’s in it for the audience?

Everyone who participates will get a chance to learn what it takes to become a better communicator. The art of communication is a life-long skill that we have to keep leveraging to build better relationships and achieve our goals.

How much is the event?

Donations will be accepted to help pay for expenses and time associated with managing this event. We are coming together to provide valuable information that will help others land more contracts, their next job opportunity, and more confidence.

Why does the event consist of interviewers instead of speakers?

Most events only have speakers. Speaker-focused events will allow you to learn from others and take notes on strategies you can use later. This event goes one step above the typical speaking event. Interviewers are included to give you immediate feedback that you can use to improve your communication. If you don’t sign up to receive feedback, you’ll get to watch a LIVE evaluation of pitches that others are doing. How often do you receive feedback on how others perceive you?

Contact: hello@ceounlimitedfirm.com

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